Students in Senior Studio (2014)
COVID Clowning in Laughter Class
With two former graduate students, Jayme Kilburn and Elaigwu Ameh
Recipient of the Stephen H. Weiss Junior Teaching Fellowship (2017-2021), Cornell’s highest teaching award for a recently tenured professor

Staging Dissent: Theatre & Social Change
Students work with local citizens to devise community-based plays on a variety of pressing issues, most recently climate change.

“17 of the Most Innovative Classes,” Medium 2 Feb 2020
Explores the art, craft and skill of “making funny,” including joke writing, stand-up, wit, physical comedy, improvisation, masks, and clowning.

Staging Gay and Trans Histories
Investigates how movements for sexual liberation use performance as modes of self-expression and strategies for social justice.

Global Stages I & II
Offers a comparative approach to world theater organized around keywords rather than chronologies, in an effort to decenter the West and its attendant structures of white supremacy.

American Drama I & II
Examines theater’s contribution to the construction and deconstruction of an American identities, entertainments, and political actors.

Performance Studies: Theories & Methods
Charts the rise of this field of study and its ever-shifting parameters.

Passionate Politics
Examines the role feelings and emotions play in creating and sustaining social bonds and collective formations.